Stress Management

Emotional Freedom Therapy is a stress management tool to release all the negative emotions like stress, hurt, guilt, depression, anger, negative memories,pain, fear, irritation, guilt, frustration, anxiety etc which are main causes of stress.

Emotional Freedom therapy is clinically proven therapywhich combines ancient science of Acupuncture and Modern Psychology to release stress.

Once the stress is cleared we can experience the peace, joy, confidence and happiness that is required to achieve success in our personal and professional life.

Benefits for adults/professionals/BUSINESSMEN

⦁ Improve relationship with seniors, employee’s, colleagues.
⦁ Overcome mental blocks or self-limiting beliefs that refrain you from
⦁ achieving goals or setting high goals/targets.
⦁ Improve Self Esteem & Confidence in your work
⦁ Overcoming fear of interviews
⦁ Overcome fear of Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.
⦁ Overcome fear of failure and rejection in Sales & Marketing
⦁ Overcome inferiority complex.


Through the transformational tools like EMOTIONAL FREEDOM THERAPY ,she provides life coaching in Pune & Life Coaching in help students,professionals, corporates etc to achieve goal with less stress.& achieve more efficiency in the work