Couples Workshop

Emotional Healing with Emotional Freedom Therapy to overcome negative emotion, thoughts, negative memories and beliefs.

⦁Emotional Freedom Therapy is based on the science of acupuncture technology to release negative emotions and overcome negative behavior/Beliefs like “I m not good enough” “I am useless”, “ I don’t deserve love” etc that are blocking a couple to create a loving & fulfilling relationship.
How to overcome our deep hidden shadows (‘Negative Personalities/Habits/Behaviors’ which are not accepted by you)
Learn the Psychology of communication & identify the modes of receiving information in your spouse
How to communicate effectively and assertively in a relationship in a situations of arguments or Disagreements
Breakthrough Techniques to create a long lasting bond in a relationship
How to let go the set of old beliefs from your parents
Indentifying the 6 human needs and how to act accordingly to fulfill it in others and yourself
How to accept the other person and people around you
How to handle stress and trauma’s in relationships

Praacchi Borkarr provides life coaching in pune & Life coaching in india to guide couples to create a fulfilling & happy life