Corporate Training

This Training is dedicated to High level Managers,Senior Employees,CEO,Top Level Management of the companies.Training mainly focuses on helping the Managers,Ceo’s and Seniors Employee to maximize their potential and create a world full of Possiblities and Postivitytherby helping them to manifest and achieve their GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS into Reality

Key takeways of the workshop

Stress Management to overcome negative emotion, thoughts, negative memories and beliefs.

⦁Techniques to release negative emotions and overcome negative behavior/Beliefs like Fear of Interview, Tension & Pressure of Work, Fear of Public Speaking, Low Self Worth, Fear of Failure, Low Self Esteem, Belief “I m not good Enough” ,Nobody understand me”. “I can’t do it”.
Decision making
⦁How to take Major Decisions in challenging times or crisis
⦁How to avoid taking wrong decisions
⦁Do’s and Don’ts of Powerful Decision making
Relationship Building and Convincing Skills
⦁How to build good relations with your employees
⦁How to get the work done
Self Motivation and Confidence Building (Positive Thinking)
⦁Power of Self Affirmations
⦁Creative Visualization
⦁Act As If Method
How to overcome Mental blocks & Emotional blocks
⦁How to overcome the obstacles to reach your goals
⦁How to achieve your goals with Breakthrough Method.

Team building & Teamwork
⦁What is Team Building
⦁Significance of a Team

Time Management
⦁What is Time management
⦁Need of Time Management
⦁Benefits of Time management
⦁Types of Time Management
⦁Various Components of Time Management
⦁Tools for Time management
⦁Urgent/Important Matrix
⦁How to Avoid Multitasking
⦁Role of Biological Clocks in Time Management
Leadership Skills
⦁Types of Leadership Styles
⦁Tips to develop leadership skills
⦁Different types of Personalities and strategies to deal with them Emotional Intelligence
⦁Elements of Emotional Intelligence
⦁Managing and getting Free of Negative Emotions
⦁Blocks to Emotional Intelligence

Praacchi Borkarr also provides Life Coaching in Pune & Business Coaching in Pune for Businessmen, Ceo’s ,Professionals & startups which helps corporate to look at the corporate issues from different perspective .