About Us


Prachi Borkar is a Motivational Speaker in india & Corporate Trainer & Life Coach. She is also Mind Power Trainer& Relationship Expert. She is a CERTIFIED EFT (EMOTIONAL Freedom Therapy) Therapist & Consultant

She is also a motivational speaker in pune & has Counseled & Trained more than 1000’s of people from all walks of life and bought dramatic shift in their lives by her unique Breakthrough Methods & Strategies.

She has also counseled & Trained Businessmen, Professionals and Students and helped them to breakthrough obstacles in their professional as well personal life and Besides this, she is also a Parent-Child Counselor, Marriage Counselor & Certified Career Counselor. She has also Counseled & Guided 1000’s of students and helped them excel in their career and discover their passion in their life.


Our Vision


“To Empower each and every individual to fulfill their DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS in all phases of life and to add value, contentment and happiness in their lives by giving them deeper ,powerful insights and breakthroughs through Mind Body Healing therapies and helping them to raise their Consciousness towards their journey of self-realization.”