About Praacchi Borkarr

Praacchi Borkarr is a Motivational Speaker.
Praacchi is also a Life Coach & Mind Power Trainer.
She is a Business Coach & Corporate Trainer.

She founded Praachi’s Centre of Excellence in Jan 2017

Praacchi has Counseled & Trained 1000’s of people from all walks of life and
bought dramatic shift in their lives by her unique Breakthrough Methods & Strategies.


Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a process which involves building business from foundation to the peak level & helping the Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, CEO’s to breakthrough the obstacles coming in the way of business Setup, Planning, Execution, Scaling thereby helping to make it a successful & Profitable Business Model .

  • Creating a Unique Business Model
  • Marketing & Branding Strategy
  • Setting the Priorities
  • Growing Profits/Revenue
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Handling Business in Crisis

Success Coaching


Mind Programming helps you to deal with Personal & Professional issues and helps to overcome the problems from root cause.

  • We help you to give a direction to your life through Advance Mind Programming Techniques thereby helping you to shift the perception for your life.
  • Problems teach us that we are bigger than me
  • Life Coaching equips you with the tools & Techniques to face the challenges of your life
  • Mind Programming helps you to deal with Personal & Professional issues


  • After the career counselling with prachi, I feel like someone showed me the mirror to look deep inside myself. Almost all the qualities mentioned by prachi in the report and during session about me is really true and somewhere deep inside me i feel like i am very comfortable with the thought of pursuing my career in the same field, "If i have not met prachi for the counselling i would have never be aware of what is hidden inside me." "Sometime we are unaware of ourselves but the people around you notice things and inspire you, one such person is you who use DMIT technique to find hidden and born talents inside people and motivates them" DMIT was really helpful for me and one day i will surely be successful person in my comfortable zone. I would give you more feedback and keep you informed as i proceed further and get new platforms to showcase my skills
    Tushar Shrivastava
    Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker
  • I was quite depressed in my personal life because I had some family issues and that was affecting my  performance in the office, After I attended the EFT TRAINING, I was able to release the depression & Sadness and became a happy person which helped to more efficient in my work and my performance improved in 7 days
    B.E- Network Engineer
  • I was not feeling confident about my work after I left my job and also wanted to start my own business but was having FEAR OF FAILURE After I did EFT Training, I was able to overcome my Fear of Failure and now I have successfully started my business also cleared the interview for my job.


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